Continuing Education, Yes For Real

Most of my readers already know back in June I passed my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coaching Certification. As per the norm, I took about 2 weeks to relish in the victory of self-improvement.  Then I got the tickler email for the good folks over at Precision Nutrition announcing the very first Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master’s course. Without thinking too much about it, I sent the “yes I’m interested email” and left it at that.  They only had slots for 100 people this year so I didn’t put too much into it at that point.

Well, much to my delight, I was accepted as one of the first 100 students.  So mid-July began the most uncomfortable growth spurt I’ve in a while.  It’s been as if I was picked up and dropped head-first right into a college level Science class and psychology class. Man I feel so smart some days, and other’s I feel like I am so far over my head.  But either way, I’m learning more and more each week.

It’s a great adventure when you open yourself up to learn as much as you can about any topic you are passionate about. So far my progress is really good, in fact, I’ve surprised myself.  This is a year-long course so there are many more obstacles to come.  I’m elated to be a Pn1 Coach and I am grateful to be pushing it to the next level.

Seriously though….

“You’re never too old to reach for amazing.” ~Clara Showalter



The Flip of Change

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. The one constant in this life is change. It’s been months since I sat down and took the time to spill my guts to my forum readers. It’s taken me that long to get my balance after the huge flip of change I’ve gone through.

Since my last blog, my oldest son and daughter in law have gifted me with the most beautiful granddaughter, I’ve sold my partnership interest in the crossfit gym to my business partner, and lastly, my spousal unit has retired after 30 years on the job.

Let’s start with flip change one, the beautiful granddaughter…she’s healthy, she’s just what I needed to soften up my rough and tumble boy/man filled world.  She came in to this world at 7 pounds and 12 oz on August 27th. I am overwhelmed with love for her.

Piper Hope 8-27

Shortly after the birth of that little bundle of pink, came flip change number two.

Flip change two, I sold my partnership interest in the gym. This has to be the single most bittersweet personal change in the past 15 years. Leaving the athletes I helped to groom was like letting go of part of my soul. This decision was made in part by flip change number three. But let’s talk about the part of this which has impacted me the most. Going it alone. I have spent the past 13 years in the fitness community, either in a regular gym, or a crossfit box. All of which have contributed to the successful change in lifestyle I’ve made. After close to two full years of coaching 3 mornings per week, I suddenly found myself with more time to myself. I’ve never trained alone in my own garagegym107, instead I’ve always thought I had to get up and go somewhere to keep my discipline on track.

After all was said and done with the sale of the partnership, I found myself in need of solitude. I began working out in garagegym107 with earnest. Each morning, I get up and build my new routine. It’s not the same, it will never replace the camaraderie I felt when coaching, or how I felt just being in the box working out. It’s not the same but it’s doable and do I will. I could feel sorry for myself and have a pity party, but I won’t. I will do what I’ve always done, get stronger. Stay the course. Be grateful I have what I need. Be grateful.

GG107 11-5-12

And lastly, flip change number three, the retirement of the spousal unit. A million questions have crossed my mind since he made his decision. My number one concern was “Is he doing this too early?”. Only he could answer that.  Shortly after announcing his submission to retire, he was approached by multiple companies offering positions. He has accepted the one he felt the most drawn to, the one that fits. I’m proud of him and for him. He could have been a crusty old bastard no one wanted around. So we celebrate his part-time position that will help him transition fully in to retirement without being rushed. Now he has more time to make lists, not honey do’s, but instead his do’s.


For me, I’m keeping my consistency, doing what I need to do to stay on track. I’ve added a little swim, bike, run to my training plan and things are progressing nicely. It feels good to be back in the land of the writers putting my junk out there for all to read. Coaching is my passion. And in time I’m sure I’ll be taking on more coaching opportunities, but for now, I’ll coach myself on down the changing roads of life.

Remember, it’s not the change that throws you off, it’s your response to change. Rise to the occasion every change you get!


“Shoulders Are The New Cleavage” Revisited


This is a great article!

Originally posted on IronBodyByArtemis:

A few weeks ago before I headed up to the beach in Maine for a long holiday weekend over July 4, I posted about how I learned that Shoulders Are The New Cleavage.

See Facebook post below…

 One of my clients was telling me how her daughter had shared an article about fashion trends with her and the title was “Shoulders Are The New Cleavage” ==> http://bit.ly/ShouldersRNewCleavage.

I thought, what an awesome concept and I’m sure many women would appreciate it as it applies to body image.

Then I thought a little bit further about it and it hit home even more because I could remember a time in my adult life, not too long ago, that I was seriously considering getting implants.

No joke.  I was even talking to one of my clients about it recently as we were discussing how common it was for women…

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Carole 165# Dead-Lift

I have some pretty amazing clients.  I’m blessed and grateful all at the same time. I’ve been working with Carole for a year and a half now.  We’ve been focused on over-all body strength.  Carole just turned 65 years young a little over a week ago.

Today, she dead-lifted more than her body weight. This is one of the most inspiring progressions I have witnessed.  You see, we don’t train dead-lift once a week, once every two weeks, and some times we go a full month in between dead-lifting at all.  Instead we work on all over body strength.  The style of training varies.  Kettle-bell training, dumbbell training, barbell training, and body weight training.  She never says no to anything I ask her to do.  She does band assisted pull-ups, ring-rows, barbell hip thrusts, sit-ups, anything I ask. I hope this blog will encourage other women to reach out to a reputable personal trainer and get you some strong! Find someone you are comfortable with and get busy.  Change doesn’t happen overnight.  Change happens with practice.  Consistent practice.

Congratulations Carole!!

Carole 165DL 7-14


Baby Steps and Monster Leaps

A couple of weeks ago I posted an update on passing my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach’s certification.  It took a bunch of baby steps to get on with it after procrastinating for a good while.  I learned a lot of lessons along the way.

Just a few of them are:

1) You’re never too old to reach for amazing.

2) Procrastination is still my crutch, even after all these years.

3) You can never learn enough concerning a topic you are passionate about.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later.  I’ve committed to the Level 2 Coaching program with Precision Nutrition.  It’s a year of intense training toward becoming an even more effective coach.  I’m humbled and honored to have this opportunity.

Baby steps and monster leaps to better coaching.  I consider this Level 2 a monster leap for me.

Believe it




Doing the TGU Turkish Get-Up

Of late I’ve been adding the Turkish Get-Up (TGU) to my own workouts more than ever. About two months ago I witnessed my neighbor take a spill while working in her yard. She lives on a slope and when she fell, she was unable to catch herself, resulting in a broken right arm and broken left hand. She is my age. Since that day the TGU has been coming to mind over and over.

By adding it to my program I’ve also gone through a cycle of self-realization. One, progress comes more rapidly when I get completely uncomfortable. You know that whole “suck it up Buttercup” thing. Secondly, the brain and central nervous system play a huge role in Turkish Get-up.

I’m strong, that’s not a secret. But I lean to the rather uncoordinated side for sure. In example, some folks take to the snatch and overhead squat like they were born to do them both. Me? It took months and months of skill drills to improve on both of those movements. Same with the TGU.

The TGU shows the uncoordinated and off-center balance I have and the need for unilateral training better than anything else I’ve ever done.

I have also begun adding the TGU to clients training protocols as well. The pictures below are of one of my clients. She turns 65 years young on Friday. She is just as concerned with functional fitness and mobility as I am. She successfully completed 3 sets of TGU yesterday. We both learned a lot about where our focus needs to shift in her training. She gladly allowed me to take these photo’s to share with you. And BTW, at a few days shy of 65, she can dead-lift her own body weight.


Update Precision Nutrition Certification



Nothing feels better than to accomplish a measurable goal.  I started this road trip a year ago.  I allowed myself to get side tracked and distracted.  Should have, could have, and would have, are no more.  It’s done and it’s official.  I am now a Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach!

I firmly believe in order to be a good Coach, you must absolutely continue your education.  Times change, scientific data changes, people change.  Onward and upward!



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