“Shoulders Are The New Cleavage” Revisited


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A few weeks ago before I headed up to the beach in Maine for a long holiday weekend over July 4, I posted about how I learned that Shoulders Are The New Cleavage.

See Facebook post below…

 One of my clients was telling me how her daughter had shared an article about fashion trends with her and the title was “Shoulders Are The New Cleavage” ==> http://bit.ly/ShouldersRNewCleavage.

I thought, what an awesome concept and I’m sure many women would appreciate it as it applies to body image.

Then I thought a little bit further about it and it hit home even more because I could remember a time in my adult life, not too long ago, that I was seriously considering getting implants.

No joke.  I was even talking to one of my clients about it recently as we were discussing how common it was for women…

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Carole 165# Dead-Lift

I have some pretty amazing clients.  I’m blessed and grateful all at the same time. I’ve been working with Carole for a year and a half now.  We’ve been focused on over-all body strength.  Carole just turned 65 years young a little over a week ago.

Today, she dead-lifted more than her body weight. This is one of the most inspiring progressions I have witnessed.  You see, we don’t train dead-lift once a week, once every two weeks, and some times we go a full month in between dead-lifting at all.  Instead we work on all over body strength.  The style of training varies.  Kettle-bell training, dumbbell training, barbell training, and body weight training.  She never says no to anything I ask her to do.  She does band assisted pull-ups, ring-rows, barbell hip thrusts, sit-ups, anything I ask. I hope this blog will encourage other women to reach out to a reputable personal trainer and get you some strong! Find someone you are comfortable with and get busy.  Change doesn’t happen overnight.  Change happens with practice.  Consistent practice.

Congratulations Carole!!

Carole 165DL 7-14


Baby Steps and Monster Leaps

A couple of weeks ago I posted an update on passing my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach’s certification.  It took a bunch of baby steps to get on with it after procrastinating for a good while.  I learned a lot of lessons along the way.

Just a few of them are:

1) You’re never too old to reach for amazing.

2) Procrastination is still my crutch, even after all these years.

3) You can never learn enough concerning a topic you are passionate about.

Fast forward a couple of weeks later.  I’ve committed to the Level 2 Coaching program with Precision Nutrition.  It’s a year of intense training toward becoming an even more effective coach.  I’m humbled and honored to have this opportunity.

Baby steps and monster leaps to better coaching.  I consider this Level 2 a monster leap for me.

Believe it




Doing the TGU Turkish Get-Up

Of late I’ve been adding the Turkish Get-Up (TGU) to my own workouts more than ever. About two months ago I witnessed my neighbor take a spill while working in her yard. She lives on a slope and when she fell, she was unable to catch herself, resulting in a broken right arm and broken left hand. She is my age. Since that day the TGU has been coming to mind over and over.

By adding it to my program I’ve also gone through a cycle of self-realization. One, progress comes more rapidly when I get completely uncomfortable. You know that whole “suck it up Buttercup” thing. Secondly, the brain and central nervous system play a huge role in Turkish Get-up.

I’m strong, that’s not a secret. But I lean to the rather uncoordinated side for sure. In example, some folks take to the snatch and overhead squat like they were born to do them both. Me? It took months and months of skill drills to improve on both of those movements. Same with the TGU.

The TGU shows the uncoordinated and off-center balance I have and the need for unilateral training better than anything else I’ve ever done.

I have also begun adding the TGU to clients training protocols as well. The pictures below are of one of my clients. She turns 65 years young on Friday. She is just as concerned with functional fitness and mobility as I am. She successfully completed 3 sets of TGU yesterday. We both learned a lot about where our focus needs to shift in her training. She gladly allowed me to take these photo’s to share with you. And BTW, at a few days shy of 65, she can dead-lift her own body weight.


Update Precision Nutrition Certification



Nothing feels better than to accomplish a measurable goal.  I started this road trip a year ago.  I allowed myself to get side tracked and distracted.  Should have, could have, and would have, are no more.  It’s done and it’s official.  I am now a Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach!

I firmly believe in order to be a good Coach, you must absolutely continue your education.  Times change, scientific data changes, people change.  Onward and upward!



What’s In Your Head

A few months back I did a Guest Post over at 43 Fitness about the big M.  Having settled in to my 50’s I was very frank about how I felt about the changes to the body regarding menopause.  The things I’ve experienced and the things I haven’t experienced.

I’m back today to give more insight into my head space in case there are any other women who find themselves in a similar space.

As I progress through my 50’s there is one thing I didn’t really touch on in my guest blog. After having a discussion with a friend yesterday, I realized it was time to write about it.

The mindset of aging came out of nowhere for me.  I’ve always been a positive, age is mind over matter, it’s just a number, and so on.

Over the past several months (I wrote the guest blog in February) since my 51st birthday in March, the “old lady mindset” has tried its best to take over the power of positive thinking.

Mortality is real, keeping yourself healthy is real, and sinking all of your energy into worrying about something that is going to happen anyway is a big fat waste of time.

Yes, after my 51st birthday, I fell into this obnoxious habit of seeing only the aging in the mirror.  That my friends, is something you really want to prevent if you aren’t there yet.

It’s June now, so that means I have spent a full 3 months in the “Oh my it is happening to me” mode.  Looking in the mirror thinking thoughts like:

Is this appropriate for a 51 year old?  Dang that face powder sure does stick in those wrinkles.  Holy crap, is that a new wrinkle? Oh dear lord where did those lips I used to have go?

If you’ll notice, I never once thought about WHAT MY BODY CAN DO, I was focused solely on appearance and I began to become miserable.

Not going quite as hard in the gym, eating a little of this and a little of that processed, packaged food (which I am absolutely certain causes that middle-aged mid-section women whine about).

Mentally saying things like “I’m old, why bother.” “Am I getting too old to wear LuLuLemon?” “Should I be wearing 3/4 length sleeves all the time now instead of sleeveless?”  What a load of crap I was trying to convince myself of.

This past weekend was the second annual Beast of the Valley Competition.  I met so many new young women, beautifully spirited, strong, fit, and yet they were as down to earth as they could possibly be.  More than once I got the “I hope I’m still lifting when I’m 51″ comment.  I digested the event through a different set of eyes this weekend.

Older and wiser eyes.

Yes, the time passes and we age, but we don’t have to give up what we love to do.

Instead we must absolutely focus on the positives that come along with training and stay far away from the wrinkles and the flaws.

We all have them, it’s just a matter of whether you will allow the aging process to steal your joy and zest for life, or you make a list of your positive attributes and keep moving forward.

There is absolutely nothing my body isn’t capable of doing, only my when my mind interferes does my progress falter.

Stay strong ladies!

BB FC 130 5-31-14 SP 115 5-31-14 SW HS 90 5-31-14



The Big Picture

Just a few days ago I was talking with a friend.  She is in training to become a Life Coach and you can read about her Here.  She is an amazing person and friend. Anyway, I was doing this little test to help her out with something she was working on. little did I know at the time I volunteered how big an impact it would have.

As we were going through the exercise I got dialed in to my usual fitness related mindset. I answered the questions and wrote down things that came to mind.  As we continued on talking through the results I had an epiphany.  My epiphany was that I often have tunnel vision. I’m not really good about taking a few steps back from this fitness goal or that fitness goal to see what I really want long term in life.  It’s been a week since my friend and I had the conversation. The exercise we did has come to my mind at least once everyday since, but in most cases its been two or three times per day.

It’s very clear in my mind that my health and my fitness is important as I go through the next season or chapter or whatever the buzz word for it is. But up to that phone call, I hadn’t really stopped to think “what do you really want?”.   After pondering what I want, I realized there are some things I must get in order to be prepared for the next big phase.  I told my friend what I really wanted to do and one of those things requires reading a specific book I bought.  She challenged me not with reading the book, but with simply “get the book out and txt me when you do”. It was perfect prompting.

Then she had me set a deadline for reading chapter one.  Before I realized it I was through with chapter five. I’ve taken some baby steps to get started and before long, I will be knocking out what I need to knock out.

Not only did doing those little things help me with that very personal project goal, they fired me up to start logging my food again, which I haven’t done in a while.  Food logging is a healthy thing for me.  When I’m not logging, I’m eye-balling and I have some big ole eye-balls.  Sometimes you have to know what you want before you know what to do.

I feel at peace right now more than I have in quite sometime. Peace with the big picture, not just my fitness and nutrition goals.  I’m sure that before too long, the personal project goal will just right smack dab into my fitness/nutrition goals and try a hostile takeover, but I’m going to be ready for it.

The lesson brings home the old adage “you can’t see the forest through the trees”.

Hat Tip Photo Courtesy Ann Joiner




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